A good auto electrician is hard to come by. We believe that our auto electricians are the best in the business because we are dual trade auto electricians and mechanics. We have worked on all types of vehicles across Sydney and diagnosed and repaired all types of electrical issues. There is no job too big or too small and we will not put your issues in the too hard basket. We will find the fault and get it fixed. Sydney Roadside Rescue is your number 1 choice when looking for an experienced, affordable and reliable auto electrician in Sydney.


Why Choose Us?

Our highly skilled auto electricians are fully qualified with decades of experience. We know what our customers want and we get it done. We have worked on all brand of cars and can diagnose and fix any auto electrical issues your vehicle may have. From dead batteries to 4×4 installations and everything in between. We do it all! We have listed some of the services we provide below.


    Our Services 



    We supply and install top quality batteries for affordable prices.


    Sound systems, GPS & reversing camera installations

    We have years of experience installing sound systems, GPS & reversing cameras on all types of vehicles.


    Alternator replacements or repairs

    We can diagnose your alternator issues on the spot and give you the best advice going forward. You made need a new one, or we may be able to repair it. We will try our best to keep the costs as low as possible for all of our valued customers.


    Light issues, faults and replacements

    We fix or replace headlights, trailer lights, caravan lights and any other light on your vehicle to keep your car roadworthy or to get your vehicle to pass your inspection.


    Part Replacements

    We can diagnose potential issues on your vehicle and replace the parts before any major damage is done. E.g timing belts.


    Mobile mechanics

    Our fully qualified and experience mechanics can fix any mechanical issues you may have. We also offer at home vehicle servicing.



    If we can not fix your vehicle on the spot, we have a towing service available 24/7 to tow your vehicle safely to our workshop.


    Dual battery installations

    We also suppy and instal dual batteries and give you the best advice when using them for your camping setups.


    4x4 & Campervan Accessory Installations

    Our highly skilled auto electrician can get your 4×4 accessories or camper van setup before your next trip away. We supply and install dual batteries, solar panels, LED lights and much more.


    Starter Motor Replacements or Repairs

    Starter motors are a part that we repairs or replace daily for our customers. We have the knowlege and skills to quickly find the faut and decide the best action moving forward.


    Computer Diagnostics

    Our mechanics are equipt with the latest scan tools to quickly diagnose any issues with your vehicle. We also have decades of experience working on all types of vehicles, so we can diagnose issues quickly saving you money.


    Auto Electrics

    We have qualified auto electricians on call who specialise in starter motors, alternators, accessories installations and diagnostics.



    Our exerienced auto lock smiths can help with immobilisers, central locking and key issues.

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    Auto Electrician Sydney

     The Auto Electricians in Sydney are electricians who specialize in the electric systems contained within the automotive vehicles. Here are some regulations in Sydney, NSW. The Auto Electricians Sydney are the experts on all of the systems in the car that is only noticed by the car’s owner when something goes wrong. The headlights, diagnostic lights, alarm system, circuit board, alternator and starter motor all fall under the Auto Electrician’s domain of expertise.

    Sydney Auto Electrician 

    Auto electrician duties and responsibilities in Sydney – An Auto Electrician Sydney performs several duties and responsibilities throughout his workday.

    • Perform diagnostic Electrical tests as needed
    • Operate hand and power tools
    • Diagnose and repair electrical faults and computer-controlled systems used in automotive technology such as private, commercial, and industrial vehicles.
    • Determine if a repair, upgrade, or new installation is required and carry out the process accordingly
    • Provide an accurate break down of the time and costs involved to repair the identified fault
    • Calibrate and test any electrical component and wiring following installation, repair, or upgrade
    • Service or replace defective electrical parts and wiring
    • Order parts and equipment as required
    • Install and test immobiliser, alarm systems and electrically operated accessories such as radios and air conditioners
    • Install/upgrade accessories
    • Test headlight strength and alignment
    • Safely use hand and electrical tools
    • Follow all relevant safety guidelines and procedures

    Auto Electricians Sydney use a collection of technical skills to do their job well. They perform their job throughout the day and remain active all the time. They don’t only have a working knowledge of electricity but also have an extensive knowledge of the increasingly complex electrical systems found in different types of vehicles.

    Car Batteries Sydney 

           Vehicles today, especially those made within the last 5 to 10 years, rely heavily on their electronic CPU to function. Auto electricians in Sydney use their analytical skills to run diagnostic tests on these interwoven electrical systems, and then use their knowledge base to repair the issue. While most an Auto Electrician’s job is technical, they must also have good communication skills in order to deal with clients on a daily basis.

    There are certain skills in which Auto electricians in Sydney are expert. Here is the list of core skills:

    • Ability to diagnose malfunctions within automotive systems
    • Strong attention to details
    • Analytical skills
    • Complex problem-solving skills
    • Ability to install electrical systems
    • Knowledge of fundamentals of electrical wiring
    • Ability to operate electronic diagnostic equipment
    • Ability to communicate vehicle issues in layman’s term
    • Ability to work in a changing environment

    Auto Electricians Sydney tools:

             Auto electricians Sydney use a variety of tools throughout their workday in order to diagnose and perform repairs. Here is the list of some of these tools.

    Mobile Auto Electrician Sydney 

    Power tools – Auto Electricians Sydney use power tools, like electronic screwdrivers and drills, to install electrical systems within vehicles.

    Voltage or Current Meters – Auto Electricians Sydney use voltage and current meters to test the flow of electricity to the various electrical systems contained within a vehicle. This includes headlights, GPS and sound systems.

    Stripling Tools – Where there’s electricity, there’s wiring. Auto Electricians Sydney use stripping tools to remove and replace electronic wiring.

    Reasons for car breakdowns and their solutions:

    Car’s breakdown occurs for a number of reasons – Part of understanding the imperativeness of calling Auto Electricians in Sydney when someone stranded lies in understanding that it can happen to anyone‚ even if someone takes good care of his car.

          Most people believe that car breakdown solely due to poor maintenance or gradual wear and tear. Both of these are certainly the cause of car breakdowns, however, there are more complex issues. Some of which are listed below:

    • Dead or faulty batteries Sydney 
    • Blown or damaged tyre (this can occur from debris on the road)
    • Running out of gas
    • Misfiling
    • Over heating ( this is a common problem during the summer)

    As we can see that the causes of cars breakdown are diverse. It can happen to anyone especially when the causal factor is external. If someone experiences a car breakdown in Sydney, ensure that he contacts an expert Auto Electrician Sydney. There are number of reasons for this and a lot of benefits as well. Some of the reasons are listed below:

    Auto Electricians Sydney remove people from danger as soon as possible:

                Car breakdowns can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, staying in the car can be incredibly dangerous. For instance, over heating can cause a person to suffer from a heat stroke.

               There are other dangers present other than the actual cause of the breakdown. If someone breaks down on a road, it is dangerous to remain pulled over (especially if it’s the highway) for a prolonged period of time as one can risk getting hit by a car. In the addition, staying in the car unattended anywhere for a long period can risk robbery, especially if it’s at night.

    Vehicle Diagnostics Sydney 

                The Mobile Auto Electrician Service Sydney will attend the person in problem as quickly as possible, regardless of the time. They make it a priority as they know how dangerous a break down may be.

    Auto Electricians Sydney prevent further damage from occurring to the car:

            Depending on the cause of the car breakdown, not dealing with it immediately or attempting to drive the car while it is unfixed or not properly diagnosed can risk further, irreparable damage to the car. This damage can sometimes result in exorbitant repair fees and even risk having to replace certain parts of the vehicle.

    The Auto Electricians Sydney prevent the cars from further damages and repair it incredibly fast.

    Call Auto Electricians Sydney at any time of the day:

             Anyone can call Auto Electricians Sydney 24/7. Their service is always available, at any place and at any time. They are always ready to assist a person and his vehicle if he’s broken down and stranded.

              We know that a car breakdown is not planned and often happens at the worst possible times. Auto Electricians Sydney are always prepared to meet a person at the location of his breakdown, diagnose his car’s Issue, fix it and send him back with a working car.

    Mobile Auto Electricians Sydney can tend to any model of car or truck:

               Specific models of cars and trucks require specialized knowledge and technical expertise. Often, many Auto Electricians are trained in standard cars and truck models, rendering them unhelpful when someone owns a specific model or brand of car or truck.

                The Mobile Auto Electricians Sydney are capable of diagnosing and repairing a number of car and truck models. Anyone can feel confident if they call Mobile Auto Electricians Sydney who will have the know-how to repair the vehicle.

    Auto Electricians Sydney: professional alternator and starter motor diagnosis and repair:

           The electrical systems of today’s Car are complex and today’s advanced automotive technology places increased demands on automotive components. The alternator, starter, ignition and battery are all crucial to the vehicle’s performance and, more importantly, its safety.

            When an alternator or starter motor fails, chances are, their components have outlived the intended service life.

             The Auto electricians Sydney are specialised in the supply, repair and refurbishment of starter motors, and alternators for all vehicle makes and models. They offer a full repair and replace service to everyone and are never kept waiting any longer than is absolutely necessary.

              If someone having a trouble in starting the car, the battery may not be necessarily be the problem. Auto electricians Sydney can access the vehicle, and then diagnose and repair any starter motor or alternator problems that may be occurring.

              Auto electricians Sydney are skilled and expert technicians and can quickly find and resolve the auto electrical issues to get the car starting smoothly first time, every time. They also offer a comprehensive range of replacement starter motors and alternators to get the vehicle running again.

    Here are some of the signs the starter motor might need replacing by the Auto electricians Sydney:

    • Starter remains on after the engine starts
    • Freewheeling
    • Grinding noise

    Here are some of the signs the alternator might need replacing by Auto electricians Sydney:

    • Stalling Engine
    • Dim Lights
    • Dead battery
    • Electrical Issues

    Auto electricians Sydney are fully conversant with diagnosis and trouble-shooting of alternators and starter motors in all petrol and diesel vehicles.

    Auto Electrical Accessories installation or repairing:

              Electrical accessories are not only gadgets, they also make one’s trip safer and more comfortable. Expert Auto Electricians in Sydney will assist in choosing the best auto electrical accessory for the vehicle and install it professionally in line with Australian quality and safety standards. There auto electrical accessories include:

    Cameras – Dashboard and reverse cameras supplied and installed for increased safety and driving support.

    Lighting – Supply and installation of LED, spot and working lights for vehicles, trailers, caravans and camper vans.

    Car Stereo – Upgraded Vehicle and boat stereo systems to fit the driving needs.

    Security and Alarm Systems – Repair and installations of immobilizers and alarm systems for the peace of mind.

    Other accessories include:

    • Vehicle Air Conditioning
    • Car audio Installation
    • Caravan wiring and solar panels
    • GPS tracking
    • Car alarms and immobilizers
    • Band expanders
    • Central locking
    • Vehicle security
    • Tow bar fitting
    • Aftermarket accessories
    • Vehicle accessories

    The Auto electricians in Sydney are local car alarm experts as well. They will supply and installed car alarm system to ensure the highest security in the car. They deal with leafing car security brands. They can provide advice on the latest car security systems to suit a person’s needs and supply and install the car alarm system of one’s choice.

    Vehicle security system alarms and security systems can include GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, safety solutions such as reversing cameras and dash camera, sirens, sensors and central locking for the vehicle.

    With a large range of car alarm and vehicle security systems available Auto electricians can find the right car alarm security system to suit one’s needs.

    Call Auto Electricians for the best car breakdown service in Sydney:

               The Auto Electricians Sydney are expert, skilled, respected and specialised in what they do. They do their best to fix any of the automobile issues in an efficient manner. If someone experience any car related issue, please contact Auto Electricians Sydney immediately.

    Whatever someone need, Auto Electricians Sydney are ready to repair and help in the best and most efficient way!!

    Special Services provided by Auto Electricians Sydney:

    • 24/7 rapid response
    • Efficient and fast work
    • Prevents further car damages
    • Experienced auto electricians
    • Honest upfront pricing
    • Full guarantee

    GPS Tracking Sydney:

                 Track and immobilise the vehicle – anytime and anywhere in the world. The GPS installations Sydney brings you not only a GPS tracker but also a text-controlled engine immobilizer.

    How do they track – You can ask the location anytime by either calling by mobile phone or by sending a text message to the tracker. The tracker replies by text with its location by latitude and longitude. Just type the co-ordinates into Google maps/Earth on any PC, laptop or GPS navigator to show the location. The tracker can also text you its location automatically at time intervals of your choice from 1 minute to 99 hours apart, all controlled by simple text messages from your mobile phone. When input into Google, your computer can keep a record of time, date and locations.

    How do they immobilize the vehicle – Just send a password protected text to turn the immobilizer on or off. The tracker will ask for confirmation before it immobilizes, just to be safe.


    • Manual and automatic tracking
    • Vehicle alarm sounding – phone rings and text alert
    • SOS – phone rings and text alert
    • Geo fence – set a restricted area of movement (Radius of permitted travel)
    • Choose your own password to protect all commands and usage
    • Mobile phones and text messages control the tracker
    • Low vehicle battery alert
    • Date includes latitude, longitude, time, date, speed, direction of travel
    • Easy installation – just four basic wires

    Just call the Auto electricians from your mobile phone and it replies with a text message giving its latitude and longitude; just type the co-ordinates on any computer into Google Maps/Earth to find the location.

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