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We are one of Sydney’s largest wholesale battery suppliers. Not all batteries are the same. Here at Sydney Roadside Rescue we know that the best battery for your car isn’t the best battery for your boat. That’s why we stock all the best brands, including hundreds of Australian made batteries and products. Our quality brands give you the peace of mind and all come with warranty.


Why Choose Us?

We have installed and supplied batteries to Sydney residents for over 15 years. We will know the right battery for your vehicle and install it for an affordable price. Sometime it is an alternator or starter motor issues, so our skilled auto electricians will run some checks to make sure we are giving you the right advice before purchasing one of our top quality batteries.


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    We supply and install top quality batteries for affordable prices.


    Alternator replacements or repairs

    We can diagnose your alternator issues on the spot and give you the best advice going forward. You made need a new one, or we may be able to repair it. We will try our best to keep the costs as low as possible for all of our valued customers.


    Light issues, faults and replacements

    We fix or replace headlights, trailer lights, caravan lights and any other light on your vehicle to keep your car roadworthy or to get your vehicle to pass your inspection.


    Part Replacements

    We can diagnose potential issues on your vehicle and replace the parts before any major damage is done. E.g timing belts.


    Mobile mechanics

    Our fully qualified and experience mechanics can fix any mechanical issues you may have. We also offer at home vehicle servicing.



    If we can not fix your vehicle on the spot, we have a towing service available 24/7 to tow your vehicle safely to our workshop.


    Dual battery installations

    We also suppy and install dual batteries and give you the best advice when using them for your camping setups.


    4x4 & Campervan Accessory Installations

     We supply and install dual batteries, solar panels, LED lights and much more.


    Starter Motor Replacements or Repairs

    Starter motors are a part that we repairs or replace daily for our customers. We have the knowlege and skills to quickly find the faut and decide the best action moving forward.


    Computer Diagnostics

    Our mechanics are equipt with the latest scan tools to quickly diagnose any issues with your vehicle. We also have decades of experience working on all types of vehicles, so we can diagnose issues quickly saving you money.


    Auto Electrics

    We have qualified auto electricians on call who specialise in starter motors, alternators, accessories installations and diagnostics.



    Our exerienced auto lock smiths can help with immobilisers, central locking and key issues.

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    Car Batteries Sydney

    Sydney automotive battery or Sydney car battery in NSW is a rechargeable battery that is used to start a motor vehicle. Its main purpose is to provide an electric current to the electric-powered starting motor, which in turn starts the chemically-powered internal combustion engine that actually propels the vehicle. Once the engine is running, power for the car’s electrical systems is still supplied by the battery, with the alternator charging the battery as demands increase or decrease.

    Battery Installations Sydney

    Sydney battery in modern cars:

    Typically, starting uses less than three percent of the battery capacity. For this reason, Sydney automotive batteries are designed to deliver maximum current for a short period of time. They are sometimes referred to as “SLI batteries” for this reason, for starting, lighting and ignition. Sydney SLI batteries are not designed for deep discharging, and a full discharge can reduce the battery’s life span.

    As well as starting the engine, a Sydney SLI battery supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle’s electrical requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. It is also a stabilizer, evening out potentially damaging voltage spikes. While the engine is running most of the power is provided by the alternator, which includes a voltage regulator to keep the output between 13.5 and 14.5 V. Sydney modern SLI batteries are lead-acid type, using six series-connected cells to provide a nominal 12-volt system (in most passenger vehicles and light trucks), or twelve cells for a 24-volt system in heavy trucks or earth-moving equipment, for example.

    Gas explosion can occur at the negative electrode where hydrogen gas can build up due to blocked battery vents or a poorly ventilated setting, combined with an ignition source. Explosion during engine start-up are typically associated with corroded or dirty battery posts. A 1993 study by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that 31% of vehicle battery explosion injuries occurred while charging the battery.

    Car Battery Sydney

    The next most common scenarios were while working on cable connections, while jump-starting, typically by failing to connect to the dead battery before the charging source and failing to connect to the vehicle chassis rather than directly to the grounded battery post, and while checking fluid levels. Close to two-thirds of those injured suffered chemical burns, and nearly three-fourths suffered eye injuries, among other possible injuries.

    Sydney Electric and hybrid cars:

    Sydney Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by a high-voltage Sydney electric vehicle battery, but they usually have a Sydney automotive battery as well, so that they can use standard automotive accessories which are designed to run on 12 V. They are often referred to as Sydney auxiliary batteries.

    Unlike conventional, internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs don’t charge the auxiliary battery with an alternator – instead, they use a DC-to-DC converter to step down the high voltage to the required float-charge voltage (typically around 14 V).

    Sydney batteries use and maintenance:

    Excess heat is a main cause of Sydney battery failures, as when the electrolyte evaporates due to high temperatures, decreasing the effective surface area of the plates exposed to the electrolyte, and leading to sulfation. Grid corrosion rates increase with temperature. Also low temperature can lead to Sydney battery failure.

    If the Sydney car battery is discharged to the point where it can’t start the engine, the engine can be jump-started via an external source of power. Once running, the engine can recharge the Sydney battery, if the alternator and charging system are undamaged.

    Corrosion at the Sydney battery terminals can prevent a car from starting due to electrical resistance, which can be prevented by the proper application of dielectric grease.

    Sulfation is when the electrode become coated with a hard layer of lead sulphate, which weakens the Sydney battery. Sulfation can happen when Sydney battery is not fully charged and remains discharged. Sulphated batteries should be charged slowly to prevent the damage.

    Sydney SLI batteries (starting, lighting and ignition) are not designed for deep discharge, and their life is reduced when subjected to this.

    Sydney starting batteries have plates designed for increased surface area and thus high instant current capability, whereas marine (hybrid) and deep cycle types will have thicker plates and more room at the bottom of the plates for spent plate material to gather before shorting the cell.

    Sydney Battery Installations

    Sydney car batteries using lead-antimony plates require regular topping-up with pure water to replace water lost due to electrolytes and evaporation. By changing the alloying element to calcium, more recent designs have reduced the rate of water loss. Sydney Modern car batteries have reduced maintenance requirements, and may not provide caps for addition of water to the cells. Such Sydney batteries include extra electrolyte above the plates to allow for losses during the battery life.

    Some Sydney battery manufacturers include a built-in hydrometer to show the state of charge of the Sydney battery.

    The primary wear-out mechanism is the shedding of active material from the Sydney battery plates, which accumulates at the bottom of the cells and which may eventually short-circuit the plates. This can be substantially reduced by enclosing one set of plates in plastic separator bags, made from a permeable material. This allows the electrolyte and ions to pass through but keeps the sludge build up from bridging the plates. The sludge largely consists of lead sulphate, which is produced at both electrodes.

    Sydney environmental impact:

    Sydney battery recycling of Sydney automotive batteries reduces the need for resources required for the manufacture of new Sydney batteries, divers toxic lead from landfills, and prevents the risk of improper disposal. Once a Sydney lead-acid battery ceases to hold a charge, it is deemed a used Sydney lead-acid battery, which is classified as hazardous waste under the Basel Convention. The 12-volt Sydney car battery is the most recycled product in the world. In Sydney alone, a number of Sydney auto batteries a year are replaced, and 99 percent of them are turned in recycling. However, the recycling may be done incorrectly in unregulated environments. As part of the global waste trade, ULABs are shipped from industrialized countries to developing countries for disassembly and recuperation of the contents. About 97 percent of the lead can be recovered. Pure Earth estimates that over 12 million Third World people are affected by lead contamination from ULAB processing.

    Sydney car batteries:

    Sydney car battery is the heart of the vehicle. One box and a collection of cables powers everything from the starter and ignition systems to accessory functions and computerised parts every time you turn the key.

    Sydney car battery replacement:

    Sydney people schedule their Sydney car battery replacement and save themselves from the stress of side-of-the-road service. While Sydney car battery replacement experts recommend replacing their battery every three years to minimise life’s little incidents, it’s easy to lose track of time and skip over battery updates.

    After having a date for Sydney car battery replacement, Sydney people reach out at their local workshops and schedule Sydney car battery assessment – before they dive into performing an automotive heart transplant, their car specialists will accurately determine people car battery’s condition with the help of state of the art testing equipment.

    Sydney car battery replacement service providers are committed to a sustainable future. They dispose of their old car battery with experts, ensuring old parts and battery fluid don’t end up in landfill or river systems.

    People find the right Sydney car battery for them as Sydney car battery replacement providers carry century batteries.

    One size rarely fits all and the same assumption can be made for Sydney car batteries. Sydney car battery replacement providers are always ready – rain or shine, hot or cold – Sydney batteries people will move through at each location have been developed using the most advanced resources and manufacturing processes in the world, delivering what motorists want – longer life and dependability.

    One size rarely fits all and the same assumption can be made for car batteries. Mycar have partnered with Century Batteries because they’re road (and off-road) ready – rain or shine, hot or cold – the batteries you’ll move through at each mycar location have been developed using the most advanced resources and manufacturing processes in the world, delivering what motorists want – longer life and dependability. All their prices are all inclusive, meaning That includes Sydney car battery fitting and disposing of the old one.

    Sydney car battery replacement providers give much more than a new battery. They also:

    • Test the battery to assess its current condition
    • Check and top of the battery electrolyte level (if applicable)
    • Ensure the battery terminal and leads are in good condition
    • Check the alternator charge rate
    • Advise people of any required maintenance

    Which one is the best Sydney battery for a car?

    The right fit for your vehicle depends on a range of factors – some within your control, others not at all – from environmental conditions and climate, to driving habits and the use of powered accessories. While Sydney every car battery looks more or less the same to the untrained eye, our car experts know their secrets – identifying your next battery from a list of qualifying questions and a detailed look at your car.

    Flat Battery Sydney 

    How does a Sydney car battery work?

    When you turn the key to start the vehicle a lot of things happen, the first thing that will happen is that the battery in your car will start to lose voltage.

    The reason for this is that the battery is concentrating on turning the starter motor to make the vehicle start. Once the vehicle starts then the alternator charges the battery back-up. So, the battery will constantly drain and recharge every single time you start and drive your vehicle.

    The next thing that will happen is that the starter motor’s gears will try and engage with the flywheel or ring gear of the engine. To make an engine start it must be turned at speed; this will allow fuel and air to be drawn into the cylinders, compress it and make the vehicle start.

    In simple terms, the battery provides the power, the starter motor turns the ring gear on the flywheel which turns the engine, add a bit of fuel, air and spark, and the engine should start. So think about how many times you start your car every week, the above is happening on a regular basis.

    What to do in a situation of Sydney flat batteries:

    Sydney flat batteries can happen any time; usually at the most inconvenient and in completely inappropriate locations. If you do have to stop your vehicle due to a flat battery, it’s important that you stay in a breakdown situation by following these tips.

    Car battery-related problems represent the highest number of NRMA roadside assistance callouts, with nearly 600,000 battery jobs every year, and can occur for any number of reasons, including leaving your lights on or your radio playing when parked.

    • Make sure you’re in a safe location. Find a safe spot to pull over such as an emergency breakdown area. Always activate your hazard lights and turn on your parking lights in poor light.
    • Diagnose the problem. Is your engine struggling to turn on, or are you simply getting a ‘click’ with no further response? Are the lights dim? If so, it’s most likely the battery.
    • Once you have identified the problem, try and identify the cause. Did you leave the lights on? Is the battery old? Some batteries will show the date, whereas most will use an alphanumeric code.
    • If a friend or nearby driver has jumper leads, a jump-start could do the trick. This won’t fully recharge the battery, even after a long drive but will get you home or to a mechanic. Before you jump-start, check the battery for damage. If you notice cracks or leaking battery acid, do not jump-start. Also, consider the age of your car. Jump-starting a modern car can cause additional problems. Consult the owner’s manual and if uncertain, call the NRMA.
    • Successfully jump-started your car and back on the road? Make your first port of call your mechanic to get your battery checked and fully recharged or replaced.

    Sydney car battery replacement delivered and safely installed:

    Flat battery or just time for a replacement? Sydney car battery replacement providers have hundreds of battery vans ready to keep you moving.

    Their 24/7 mobile car battery service is available to everyone, with a wide range of high quality batteries at competitive prices.

    If it’s urgent, call expert Sydney car battery replacement providers and they’ll be there within 45 minutes^, depending on traffic. Alternatively, in just a few steps you can book an appointment online for a time and place that suits you.

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