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Mobile Mechanics

The #1 Mobile Mechanic In Sydney

When looking for a mobile mechanic in Sydney, Sydney Roadside Rescue has got you covered. Our mobile mechanics are always busy working on cars and getting them back to their best every day. If you need a mechanic but don’t want the hassle of getting it to a workshop you can get in touch with Sydney Roadside Rescue.
We Are Your Most Trusted 24×7 Mobile Mechanic in Sydney

As a vetted auto mechanic in Sydney, we would use all our expertise and qualification to fix issues of vehicles of every name and model anywhere in and around the NSW capital and get them back on the road as quickly as possible. Thus, if you are in tight fix and in pursuit of a mechanic who can deal with any issue and fix it right on the spot, we are your best one stop solution.

We have been in the business for several years and have an experience and knowledge of servicing and repairing vehicles of any model and make with perfection and promptness.

Thanks to our experience and in depth knowledge, we also deal with older vehicles as and when they give in, with extra caution and attention. This ensures, despite age, these old cars continue functioning and serving their owners. Our mechanics are next to none when it comes to overcoming the challenges like inclement, or unpredictable weather and turn up on time, on your hour of need. In fact, we are proud to be a part of the automobile fraternity of Sydney and enjoy meeting the needs of the hours, helping people maintain their vehicles and keep them at top most conditions.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the only businesses in Sydney who offer such a wide range of services. This is why we are the most trusted automotive company in Sydney.

Our Mechanical services cover almost all automobile troubles that you may have (petrol & diesel, including mobile tyre repairs in Sydney. Our local auto experts are trusted and provide almost every vehicle repair or car service you may need. We come to you – anywhere in Sydney! When it comes to your vehicle, you need a qualified and experienced auto mechanic – not only that, we offer an extensive range of professional and quality mechanical services to all areas at your home or office (workplace).

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Our Services

At Home Vehicle Servicing
Our highly skilled mechanics will come to your home our workplace and service your vehicle. We are fully insured and qualified, so we won’t void your car warranty.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
We are available 24/7 for any mechanic emergencies you may have.

Part Replacements
We can diagnose potential issues on your vehicle and replace the parts before any major damage is done. E.g timing belts.

Mobile Mechanics
Our fully qualified and experience mechanics can fix any mechanical issues you may have. We also offer at home vehicle servicing.

If we can not fix your vehicle on the spot, we have a towing service available 24/7 to tow your vehicle safely to our workshop.

We supply and install top quality batteries for affordable prices.

Clutch & Gearbox Replacements
We will diagnose any clutch & gearbox issues on the spot and source high quality and affordable replacement parts to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our skilled mechanics will do a full safety inspection when working on your vehicle. If your brake pads need replacing we can supply and install new ones.

Our mechanics are equipt with the latest scan tools to quickly diagnose any issues with your vehicle. We also have decades of experience working on all types of vehicles, so we can diagnose issues quickly saving you money.

Auto Electrics
We have qualified auto electricians on call who specialise in starter motors, alternators, accessories istallations and diagnostics.

Our exerienced auto lock smiths can help with immobilisers, central locking and key issues.
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