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There is nothing worse than when your car breaks down on the way home from a hard days work. If you are ever in this situation and you are in Sydney, give Sydney Roadside Rescue a call. No matter what your issue is, we can fix it. We have auto electricians, mechanics, locksmiths and tow trucks ready and available 24/7 to help you with any mechanical issues you may come across.


Why Choose Us?

We save you the hassle of getting a tow truck to take you to a mechanic just to find out you had a simple issue that could have been fixed there and then. Our mechanics will come to you and diagnose your issue on the spot. If we can fix it there and then, we will. If not, we have a team of fast and reliable tow truck drivers ready to go. We are available 24/7 for any mechanical emergencies you may come accross. We operate Sydney wide. Below are some of the many services we offer.


    Our Services 


    Mobile mechanics

    Our fully qualified and experience mobile mechanics can fix any mechanical issues you may have. We also offer at home vehicle servicing.



    We supply and install top quality batteries for affordable prices.


    Alternator replacements or repairs

    We can diagnose your alternator issues on the spot and give you the best advice going forward. You made need a new one, or we may be able to repair it. We will try our best to keep the costs as low as possible for all of our valued customers.


    Part Replacements

    We can diagnose potential issues on your vehicle and replace the parts before any major damage is done. E.g timing belts.



    If we can not fix your vehicle on the spot, we have a towing service available 24/7 to tow your vehicle safely to our workshop.


    Auto Electrics

    We have qualified auto electricians on call who specialise in starter motors, alternators, accessories installations and diagnostics.



    Our exerienced auto lock smiths can help with immobilisers, central locking and key issues.


    Computer Diagnostics

    Our mechanics are equipt with the latest scan tools to quickly diagnose any issues with your vehicle. We also have decades of experience working on all types of vehicles, so we can diagnose issues quickly saving you money.

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    Roadside Assistance Sydney

    You are facing any problem while traveling anywhere in Sydney, suddenly your battery stop working or sometimes even people forget to fil fuel, you need not to regret we are a company that will help in case of such problems. We are a team that also provide roadside assistance for our customers. There is no guarantee in auto because its electrical so problem may occur anywhere, we realized to give this service to our customers. Our best electrician will assistance in roadside too. It’s the only electrician company in Sydney that also providing roadside assistance. There are many problems may occur like you have broken down, have a flat tyre, flat battery or lost your keys, you can call us to get you back on the road safely. If you have a flat tyre, we will manage for it to be changed with your cars serviceable spare wheel or transport the car to an authorized tyre outlet.

    Emergency mechanic service provider in Sydney

    We are the best electrician service provider in Sydney, one thing that sets us apart from other electrician in Sydney, that we are available 24/7 hours for your help, no matter wherever you are, we are just a call away. If your car breaks down in a deserted place, we are also here for roadside rescue in Sydney. If you need car towing our electrician are available day or night, for towing cars we are here for any emergency mechanical service weather its towing or flat battery or head lights issue. We are known to be the best for towing in Sydney not us people says.

    Professional services

    These are the major services we provide;

    Tyre repair


    Battery flat

    Head lights

    Accident & smash towing

    Abandoned & scrap cars removed

    Reliable car towing

    A speedy response

    But it does not mean that we not provide other technical services, as we mentioned these above are the major one for which we are well known in Sydney.

    Emergency Tow Trucks Sydney

    We are the best electrician in Sydney for emergency roadside assistance weather you are having flat tyre, flat battery or you lost your keys and you are hurry for going office getting late just call us for immediate assistant. We are skilled and qualified electrician to help you in case of any emergency.

    Car not starting

    If you have tired slaping your car but its not getting start, you are going somewhere and you are getting late to go, don’t know what to do, do not worry. Here are available to help you does not matter wherever you are, we come to you as soon as possible. It has been a headache for many people in Sydney due to not having roadside assistance when their cars stopped due to any technical issues, they used to drag their car to the mechanic but now we made it easier for you, now you don,t come to us although we come to you, we are just a call away, our speedy responsive team will take us there within few minutes. Once our expert electrician arrived there getting your car to start is not a big deal or time taking for our best electrician. People usually has a wiring problem in their car due to that problem cars always does not get start so we also change or renew your car all wiring system, then there is no chance to not get start. Old wiring system does not work because as it get older it gets weak to pass current so it is necessary to renew your wiring system after a long. Wiring is something that may born your car in case if its attach with another wire, so there we should care about wiring system specially when going out with our family. If you forgot or did not checked wiring system and problem occur in a deserted place our technical team come to help you there.

    Flat tyre

    Having a flat tyre is very dangerous, if you want to change the tyre yourself it may harm you. There is nothing to call us, just make a call. its very annoying time for you, we understand your concern. Our roadside assistance team come to you, change your tyre within a few minutes, again you can continue your pleasure journey. For first time we are offering road side assistant in hill area too. It means now you do not need to take tools for repairing your car in case of any problem.

    Out of petrol

    we have a lot of work to do, so sometimes we forget to fill up on petrol, do not worry it happens to all us. We can bring you some petrol so you can be on your way. We come to you within minutes just call us for help.

    Need a jump start?

    We all have made this mistake, leaving the car lights on, I`m sure we done this mistake more than once. That makes your battery flat, we have couple of solution for you. One is to jump start if you cannot do it yourself so call us we will do it for you.

    Emergency Towing Sydney

    Locked out?

    If you have locked yourself out of your own car, and you need to get back into your car then you can call us to help get you back in and going again. Our qualified technical team come to you and solve this within a few minutes, we would be delighted to help you. In case you left your keys in car, cannot down the glass down to take keys so do not need to worry let us know, we will help you to get back your keys.

    Need a Tow?

    If your vehicle has a big problem, cannot be repaired at the roadside our electrician collect your car for towing and deliver it to your home or the the nearest approved electrician for further work. Whatever you are, our roadside response will help you day and night.

    Where you can avail our help

    You can avail our service in Sydney, everywhere in Sydney. We will get back to you on the road again, if your vehicle is on Sydney, nearby Sydney. We are a company in Sydney working 24/7 hours to help you. our best electrician will always there to help you. sometimes you are not aware about the exact place to tell us where you are asking help from. Just share your google location with us our technical team will find you.

    Sydney Towing

    Existing customers

    If you are our customer then there is an optional assist cover to your comprehensive or platinum car insurance policy. There is a discount for our existing customers, we have a friendly relationship with our customers. We maintain a good relationship our customers, because we believe that customer is our strength if they are satisfied with our service so this what we need. Our priority is our customer satisfaction. If you are someone that electrician in Sydney, we assure you cannot find a better electrician in Sydney. Normally people call us to know or ask about our services we provide service to them so that they can come to know that we are best electrician in Sydney.

    What makes us best apart from others

    We believe in customers satisfaction, we believe in quality and quality is our company priority. That’s why we are the best electrician company in Sydney. There may be couple of questions rising in your mind before taking our services but those also had these same questions get themselves answered once they took our services. Our highly qualified team will not give a chance to complain about their expertise, our team is trained morally that how to behave to the customers. We cannot disappoint you weather its about technical issue or discussing the price. Sometimes for coming to rescue you, we take some items with us we know might they need for repairing, we do not charge extra from that. Customers sometimes also ask for things they need such drinking or eating items we also bring that for customers, because we just need to bring a smile to the customer`s face. And hopefully we have succeed in our mission. We have certified and trained electrician in Sydney. Our certified team has more than 30 years of experience.

    Set a reminder

    Set a time to check your tyre each month, it’s a solution that ensures a reminder pops up regularly. Before leaving for a journey you should check your vehicle tyres, not only tyres. Because if you check it first then you may save your sometimes while traveling somewhere otherwise we are there to help you. we also guide our customers about an emergency situation what they have to do until or unless our electrician reached there.

    Quick response

    Our roadside response team reply you within seconds because there are available 24/7 hours to help you. we are waiting for your call to help, we do not miss a single and call out coming is free. So you can call us although you do not have balance in your mobile. You may be going for an emergency work and your car got out of order, we understand your concern that’s why we come to you as soon as possible. We do not want you to wait anymore, waiting for someone, itself is irritating or a headache, you are in a problem so we do not want you to face this problem too. Our qualified team also available at night to response your call. So what you need to do is just to make a call us, let us to help you does not matter wherever you are in Sydney.

    Help across Sydney

    With a largest roadside assistance team, we will help you quick and fix more issues in more places. There is a big problem or small you can call us for help anywhere in Sydney. We reach you to assist you. we have a huge network in Sydney nearest your place, that’s why we do not take time to come to you. we can negotiate on price we do not get stuck on a fixed price, if you are our regular customer so it can be negotiated.

    Trust for over years

    We have experienced electrician team, our highly trained team has build a strong trust with our customers all around Sydney. we are the most reliable and trusted roadside assistance electrician network for over 100 years, we are experienced in keeping you moving. We ask for customers feedback as well so as our electrician finished your work you can also aware us from your previous feedbacks. Because that’s what make us shine.

    Sydney Roadside Assistance


    we help you to save thousands of discounts and offers across Sydney to help you save. Our aim is to help you to make your journey pleasure joyful. We provide the roadside assistance to help get back again to your journey. Our best electrician in Sydney always present to help you anywhere in Sydney. You can ask for help day and night. We care for you that’s why we come to rescue you as soon as possible. We are apart from others because me made quality is our priority, and we also cares for customers satisfaction. There is a question may pop ups in how many minutes we take to reach you. we are nearby you everywhere in Sydney so do not feel yourself alone in case of any problem of your vehicle we will be there to help you. as we mentioned there is a wonderful discounts and offer for our existing customers, you can be our regular customer to avail these discounts. Incoming call is free, so in case of any problem you can call us. Within a few minutes we will be there at your place. We believe in our customers satisfaction. We have noticed that customers also believes on our electrician work that’s what makes us apart from others in Sydney.

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